A Kill Switch For Your PC

computer-security-620x465As you know malware outbreaks are spreading quickly in the internet arena. A recent finding of such a virus in Google resulted in Google quickly switching a little known kill switch. In this case it killed more than 250,000 infected codes in its Android smartphones instantaneously.

Kill switches comes as standard for most tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Apple, Amazon and Google all have the capability. They can reach your device without your permission and kill malicious codes. This capability has been in smartphones for number of years. In 2009, Amazon used this technology to kill unauthorized copies of 1984 book, Animal Farm.

However, this is not the case for PCs and laptops. Windows 8 which will be released later this year will have the same capability for millions of laptops and desktop PCs. You will have to download the software from Microsoft’s app store.

There are certain legal issues still lingering out there. Free speech, privacy and civil rights concerns are still out there. The recent incidents of software company control over your device without your consent add to the skepticism. However, everyone should agree that kill switches improve the security of your PC as well as other devices.