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Hewlett-Packard to buy Palm for $1.2 billion

The last two years have not been easy for anyone who is associated with Palm, once considered a leader in handheld devices, thanks to Apple’s iPhone which currently holds the lion’s share of the handheld devices market and Research in Motion’s Blackberry.
To make matters worse, despite the well-reviewed webOS released last year, Google Inc.’s Android […]

Google, IBM & Apple – Top 3 brands for 2010

According to a report by Milward Brown Optimor, which ascertains the top 100 brands annually, Google, IBM and Apple took the gold, silver and bronze in that order amongst non-tech players like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Marlboro. Incidentally, Microsoft was placed fourth right behind Apple.
Also known as the ‘BrandZ Top 100 Report’, its fifth release for […]

Digital content is growing

Wikipedia describe digital content as a large field that includes 3D graphics, audio editing, compositing and authoring in animation, audio, graphics, images and video. In a nutshell it is the software used in connection with output produced by users as well as industry providers. Content is anything that you can publish. Hence, […]

Linux, the open-source operating system

Dozens of volunteers contribute every day to improve the Linux open-source operating system. Therefore, no one company owns it. Few companies like VA Linux tried to fool the investors to think that they own the operating system when they went public. Only few, such as Red Hat, benefitted from the open-source operating […]

A kill switch for your PC

As you know malware outbreaks are spreading quickly in the internet arena. A recent finding of such a virus in Google resulted in Google quickly switching a little known kill switch. In this case it killed more than 250,000 infected codes in its Android smartphones instantaneously.
Kill switches comes as standard for most tablets, […]

New authentication technology, Windows Hello, from Microsoft

At its January 21, 2015 Windows 10 introductory event Microsoft introduced a new biometric authentication technology known as Windows Hello. The much hyped Windows 10 operating system will support it. It will allow a person to sign into a machine with his or her face or finger. It will be capable of […]

Sophisticated software to control advanced hardware

Automobiles are increasingly becoming a hot commodity for hardware and software developers. The wireless connection available on Tesla Motor’s Model S allow the driver and passengers to connect to the Internet on the go, stream Internet radio, unlock the door with a smartphone, and diagnose problems and allow software engineers to remotely fix any […]

DRAM chips are in demand

Dynamic random-access memory better known as DRAM is a memory that store bit (0 and 1) data separately within an integrated circuit. The main memory (RAM) in a personal computer is dynamic RAM (DRAM). In addition to PCs you find it in laptops, workstations, video game consoles, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. With ever […]

All About Computer Aided Manufacturing

There is an exciting new field opening up in the job market, and it’s happening stateside. Computer-assisted manufacturing has been part of manufacturing for a few years now, but recent advances have opened up the application to a wider variety of industries. As a result, skilled workers who know how to operate a PVD system […]

How Optometrists Build Lenses

When you order a lens, almost every aspect of its production is automated based on readings given by the optometrist. The data an optometrist gains is all digital, which is translated by machinery that shapes and cuts a lens based on your particular specifications. The intricacies of this process are not a secret, but they […]

Amazon in talks to buy online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter: Forbes

(Reuters) – Amazon.com is in talks to buy online luxury retailer Net-a-porter in what could be the biggest acquisition yet for the e-commerce giant, but the negotiations are in early stages and could fall apart, Forbes reported, citing a person familiar… Continued here: Amazon in talks to buy online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter: Forbes  Read More →

Twitter launches video streaming app Periscope

(Reuters) – Twitter Inc launched a video streaming app called Periscope on Thursday, just days after reports that it had blocked a rival app called Meerkat. Meerkat relies heavily on Twitter and has become hugely popular in the month since its launch. Twitter's announcement comes on the same day that Meerkat unveiled a list of investors that included Silicon Valley venture capitalists Greylock... [Read more]

Pentagon research arm says military must react faster to tech changes

By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The famed Pentagon research arm that gave the world the Internet and the miniaturized GPS receivers used in consumer devices said on Thursday one of its key goals now is to ensure U.S. troops do not get left behind as technologies advance at … Here is the original post:  Pentagon research arm says military must react faster to tech changes  Read More →

Zynga must face U.S. lawsuit alleging fraud tied to IPO

Zynga Inc must face a lawsuit that accuses the gaming company known for its “FarmVille” game of defrauding shareholders about its prospects before and after its December 2011 initial public offering. Ruling 13 months after… See the original post here:  Zynga must face U.S. lawsuit alleging fraud tied to IPO  Read More →

Verizon’s online video service revenue may depend on ads: CFO

By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) – Verizon Communications Inc may rely largely on advertising for revenue from its upcoming online video service, Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said in an interview. This could set the No. 1 U.S. wireless … Go here to see the original:  Verizon’s online video service revenue may depend on ads: CFO  Read More →