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Hewlett-Packard to buy Palm for $1.2 billion

The last two years have not been easy for anyone who is associated with Palm, once considered a leader in handheld devices, thanks to Apple’s iPhone which currently holds the lion’s share of the handheld devices market and Research in Motion’s Blackberry.
To make matters worse, despite the well-reviewed webOS released last year, Google Inc.’s Android [...]

Google, IBM & Apple – Top 3 brands for 2010

According to a report by Milward Brown Optimor, which ascertains the top 100 brands annually, Google, IBM and Apple took the gold, silver and bronze in that order amongst non-tech players like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Marlboro. Incidentally, Microsoft was placed fourth right behind Apple.
Also known as the ‘BrandZ Top 100 Report’, its fifth release for [...]

Digital content is growing

Wikipedia describe digital content as a large field that includes 3D graphics, audio editing, compositing and authoring in animation, audio, graphics, images and video. In a nutshell it is the software used in connection with output produced by users as well as industry providers. Content is anything that you can publish. Hence, [...]

Linux, the open-source operating system

Dozens of volunteers contribute every day to improve the Linux open-source operating system. Therefore, no one company owns it. Few companies like VA Linux tried to fool the investors to think that they own the operating system when they went public. Only few, such as Red Hat, benefitted from the open-source operating [...]

A kill switch for your PC

As you know malware outbreaks are spreading quickly in the internet arena. A recent finding of such a virus in Google resulted in Google quickly switching a little known kill switch. In this case it killed more than 250,000 infected codes in its Android smartphones instantaneously.
Kill switches comes as standard for most tablets, [...]

In the face of data breaches, passwords becomes critical

Nude pictures of actress Jennifer Lawrence stolen from the Apple’s iCloud were circulating on the Internet very recently raising questions about data security and privacy. First, many thought that Apple’s security has been breached. But later it was revealed that it was a work of hackers who are constantly haunting celebrities. But [...]

How to Improve Medical Implants

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC
Patients can now find durable implants for a lower cost, thanks to advancements in medical device manufacturing.
Thanks to new advancements in the field of medical device production, patients can take advantage of more durable implants. That means less time spent swapping out old parts, fewer mishaps related to wear, and a [...]

What Your Data Center Needs Are

By Rack Alley
Are you in the market for a Los Angeles data center? If so, are you finding the whole prospect of locating the right one a bit intimidating? Plenty of people have been in your exact same shoes. It would be stressful enough just shopping for yourself, but when you have a whole company [...]

FireEye, a different way to fight malware

The California based FireEye is hoping to change the way we protect data from sophisticated hackers. It trick and direct hackers to phony machines and alert clients of hackers attempts to hack their data. Many governments and companies are embracing the new way to fight hacking. Most of the security programs concentrate [...]

Is bigger screen is the trend for iPhone?

It appears so. Apple is the latest player to enter into the arena. With sales of iPads are declining due to market saturation in the U.S. and Europe, news coming from Cupertino, California increasingly hinting that next generation of iPhones will have a bigger screen than any other iPhone before. Many expect [...]

Inspiration for Harry Potter nemesis Umbridge revealed on website

LONDON (Reuters) – As a Halloween treat for her fans, J.K. Rowling has revealed that the much-hated character Dolores Umbridge from her “Harry Potter” stories is based on a teacher to whom she took an instant dislike – but… Read the rest here: Inspiration for Harry Potter nemesis Umbridge revealed on website  Read More →

Hungary’s Orban puts Internet tax on hold after huge protests

By Krizstina Than and Marton Dunai BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban froze plans on Friday to impose a tax on Internet traffic, climbing down in the face of massive street protests and warnings from the European Union that the levy was a mistake. Opponents of the tax, who said it would have hurt consumers already struggling with a faltering economy, described the U-turn... [Read more]

Suspect identified in eight graffiti vandalism cases in National Parks

By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Federal officials have publicly identified a woman suspected of graffiti vandalism in at least eight national parks across the West, including Yosemite and Death Valley in California, and credit social media Originally posted here:  Suspect identified in eight graffiti vandalism cases in National Parks  Read More →

Twitter product chief sidelined as user engagement slides

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Twitter Inc has sidelined the product chief it recently poached from rival Google Inc, in the latest executive reshuffle at the online messaging service, according to a source familiar with the situation. Former consumer product chief Daniel Graf will now oversee strategic initiatives such as geo-location mobile features, the person said on condition of anonymity because... [Read more]

Hiring business drives LinkedIn’s revenue beat

By Arathy S Nair and Lehar Maan (Reuters) – Corporate networking site LinkedIn Corp reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue as more businesses used its services to hire staff. The company's hiring business has Continued here: Hiring business drives LinkedIn’s revenue beat  Read More →