A new service, soft-ware defined datacenters (SDDC) from VMware

The Palo Alto, California based VMware Inc., a separate software subsidiary of EMC Corporation,  recently announced that it is pioneering cloud computing by virtualizing entire datacenters in a new service called soft-ware defined datacenters (SDDC).  It is introducing VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 by combining three previous services it offered in one box.  It has integrated its virtualized software with cloud management.  Included in the new box is its previous vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 for virtual systems management; vFabric Application Director 5.0 for deploying applications in a virtual environment; and vCloud Suite 5.1 for managing pooled resources as a cloud operation.  The price tag for the new box starts at $4,995 per processor.

According to VMware, the soft-ware defined datacenters (SDDC) is an attempt to create intelligent software on standard hardware.  Cloud is the new delivery and consumption of IT services.  The SDDC is the next evolution of the underlying technology where software delivers greater level of intelligence and value.  The new software doesn’t eliminate the need for hardware but it will be cloud based delivering greater value for businesses especially for large service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace and other cloud service providers.