Are You a Fan of Shopping Carts?

I’m not only talking about the physical kind, but rather also the kind that you see online, when you log onto your Amazon account and see that you still have five things in your “cart” that you are still trying to come up with the five hundred dollars to pay for and order.  Those proverbial shopping carts are so much better than the ones that you actually get at the grocery store that invariably steer to the left, and even though they are supposed to make it easier for you to lug around that two hundred pound tv, they actually seem to make it more difficult.  Not to mention that sometimes you feel like there should be some sort of shopping cart systems for traffic direction, so that the woman behind you stops clipping your heels, and the crazy people who are always in a hurry will have to stay in their own lane.

And what about some sort of shopping cart solutions for repair work so that it actually gets done and you don’t end up knocking down a whole display of soup cans because it wouldn’t turn when you leaned your whole body weight against it.  Shopping is definitely much easier when all you have to do to put that two hundred pound tv in your cart is click one simple button.  Say goodbye to bad suspensions and hello to easy guidance with online shopping carts.  Simplify your life today!


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