Cloud based Amazon Web Services is becoming more popular

After almost destroying traditional book publishing and retailing, Amazon is now on a quest to provide the world with unlimited computing power. The Amazon’s growing empire is increasingly popular with its cloud-computing business known as Amazon Web Service (AWS). Offered over the Internet, it is one of the popular cloud computing services available throughout the world. AWS servers are located in California and Ireland and more than 185 U.S. government agencies and millions of people across the globe use it to find from automobiles using smartphones to many university students at multi locations taking a single class.

Started in 2006, AWS is now located in nine geographical “Regions;” US East, US West in Northern California and Oregon, a dedicated US AWS GovCloud, Brazil, Ireland, Tokyo, Singapore, and Australia. In order to prevent failures of clouds and to promote safety, each service “Region” is independently operated from others.

AWS services include computing, networking, content delivery, storage, databases, deployment, management including identity and access management, app services and others. The service provides computing power to many at a fractional cost that would have required several mainframe computers and millions of man hours to write programs. Its success is attracting behemoths like Google and Microsoft to cloud computing.