Data center colocation in Los Angeles

Written by Rack Alley

A lot of companies have their server hosting in Los Angeles. This has been the trend since a few years now. Whatever the initial reasoning, this has led to LA being a powerhouse when it comes to data centers and colocations.

Why Los Angeles?

If you want a good quality data center, Los Angeles is the place to be in. The intense competition means that a Los Angeles data center will come with a bunch of certifications. On top of that, they will most likely be energy efficient. This might not sound like anything grand, but data centers actually pay huge amounts for energy. Simply put, your LA data center will be of top quality and will have competitive pricing.

Why colocation?

Having your own data center is a huge investment. Both in time and money. This is where colocation comes into play. As your need for a data center arises, you might find that there are other data centers offering colocation. Colocation is basically sharing a data center in an extremely secured and isolated way. The gains here are in time and money.

The LA colocation scene is extremely popular for that reason. In fact, a lot of the top websites are using colocation data centers.

Today, most data centers are realising this and a lot of them are investing in better hardware for colocation. This is driven, not only by consumer demand, but also by the fact that most data centers today are never used to their full capacity. So this might be advantageous to you as well.