The Different Types Of Web Hosting

2Written by Rack Alley

In 2016, hosting your own website has never been easier. There are still free providers that provide web hosting in exchange for displaying ads. Beyond those, there are several options when it comes to hosting, at different pricing levels. Each of these has their own pros and cons. Here are the main types you will come across today:

Shared web hosting

In shared web hosting, a single server is used to host several hundred websites of different customers. In some cases a single server will hosts thousands. These la web hosting packages are the cheapest and allows you to host several sites as long as they do not strain the server. The biggest disadvantages are lack of admin access and any issue caused by another site hosted on the same server can affect the uptime of yours.

Dedicated server

Unlike the above, you rent an entire server for yourself. You pay a monthly charge and can rent a server hosting los angeles without having to purchase one outright. The advantages here are that all the resources are for your own websites and you will be able to handle large surges in traffic. This comes at a higher monthly cost depending the level of server chosen.

Cloud hosting

The next level up is cloud hosting. This is perfect for high volume websites or those that expect to grow rapidly in a very short period of time. Unlike dedicated servers you can scale the resources allocated to your website as much as you want. All of this is charged by the hour and can be scaled up and down on demand.


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