Dissecting a domain name

Have you ever looked at a domain name to see the content of it? A domain name consists of one or more parts or labels.

Do you know that the hierarchy of a domain name goes from right to left? The end part of the domain name such as com, org, tv, and many others that is preceded by a dot (.) is known as top-level domain. Label to the left of it known as subdomain of what to the right of it or subdivision. For example a domain name that reads www.csr4u.org, csr4u is a subdivision of org domain. The www is a label and a subdomain of anythinggoes.com. There are limitations to the number of characters a domain name can have. Known maximum limit is 253 ASCH characters and some registries may have other limitations.

At the end of 2010, there were 196 million active domain names. They follow administrative directions issued by the Domain Name System. That assure domain names follow Internet Protocol (IP). You may see many forms of domain names mixing with upper and lower level characters but the system is not case sensitive. When choosing a domain name make sure to get an easy to remember domain name.