DRAM chips are in demand

Dynamic random-access memory better known as DRAM is a memory that store bit (0 and 1) data separately within an integrated circuit. The main memory (RAM) in a personal computer is dynamic RAM (DRAM). In addition to PCs you find it in laptops, workstations, video game consoles, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. With ever more popular smartphones and tablets, activities we do on these devices gets heavier as well as more complex and sophisticated. This creates more sophisticated demand for DRAM from smartphones and tablets. Micron Technology is the premier supplier of DRAM and it is also in the process of developing much faster DRAM for smartphones known as DDR4. DRAM is mainly used for short-term storage where data can be accessed quickly. This is why increasing demand from smartphones and tablets generate more demand for DRAMs.

Smartphones and tablets uses cadre of chips inside. DRAM chips are one of the major components that allow these devices to compute and access faster. During 1980s, more than 49 percent of demand for DRAM came from computers and as of 2013, more than 51 percent of the demand for DRAM came from smartphones and tablets while demand from PCs dropped below 43 percent.