Finding the Right Furniture for Your Command Center

Summary: Purchasing the correct furniture for your command center can keep your employees productive and comfortable.

Growth is one of the main goals of many companies across various industries. Being able to put your company on an upward growth trajectory is tough but finding ways to become more profitable can help you expand your company’s reach and potential. One of the most challenging things you will face as a company is handling competition with other companies.

If you work in a broadcast studio, a company that focuses on data analytics, or any other business that requires employees to work with large amounts of internal and external information, then an integrated control system might be the next big investment you should make to make your employees more efficient, informed, and connected.

Keep the User in Mind

Don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. An emergency operations center design might require a different layout than someone working primarily with spreadsheets. For example, if you have multiple monitors and controllers you might need a wider desk. A wider desk will give you enough room to move around and comfortably reach all of your equipment. Additionally, adjustable monitor arms could help you move the monitors into different positions so you can clearly view any relevant information on them at a safe distance, no matter where you are.

Extended Use

When finding the right furniture for your mission critical console, keep in mind that your employees could be working for multiple hours at a time. Ergonomics is something Constant Technologies, Inc. will stress, because you want your team members to be comfortable. Comfortable cushions and setups can promote healthy posture. Standing desks and equipment at eye level can prevent employees from straining their necks.