Fresh news publication exclusively for iPad

Soon, Apple will be holding a press release early in December to announce their latest iPad feature—a new newspaper and magazine subscription billing option to make it easier for iPad users to get the latest feeds from their favorite sources. This follows speculations that Apple is working with News Corp to create an online newspaper that is exclusive for tablets. The rumored publication shall be named The Daily, according to a online reporter who overheard Apple executives talking with the newspaper outfit.

The reporter says that it will not be like Apple’s current iBooks as there will be no centralized news dispatching unit such as iNews or Newsstand. He says that it will simply be a new billing option for subscriptions that will be payable through clients’ iTunes accounts. News Corp supposedly already has initial documentation of the joint project, and the new software will most likely require iPad users to download the latest iOS version to launch The Daily. There’s also rumors that the publication will be launched for free until Apple is able to fully implement support for its new program.

There were recent reports by The Guardian that News Corp is indeed going to put up an online publication that’s exclusive to tablets. The reports included that News Corp was working closely with Apple on the new project. The new publication will not take stories from the print or online versions currently in circulation, but instead be produced by at least 100 journalists that shall take office on the 26th floor of News Corp’s headquarters in New York.