Getting a Degree

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

I’ve been into art for as long as I can remember, and ever since I got to college I knew I wanted to get my degree in art design. I’m really passionate about art history, but it’s really difficult to make a living in that industry, and my city doesn’t have very many museums where I can curate art. So instead, I decided to go into graphic design, which works really well since I’m already relatively technically savvy. A typical day for me means taking my CLEAR-INTERNET to campus, visiting some of my favorite art blogs and websites for inspiration, then banging out a new design on my laptop while sitting in a boring class or just between classes. It’s actually really nice, since I’m on campus and can easily flex my schedule if something else comes up. I love being able to work my craft on a computer as opposed to having to drag around a box full of art supplies like paint and canvases wherever I go! That would look pretty silly!