Google Chrome OS is gaining market share fast

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, sales of laptops running Google’s Chrome OS jumped from almost negligible sales in 2012 to about ten percent of all PC and tablet sales in the U.S. within the first 11 months in 2013. Chrome OS is a Linux based operating system that primarily runs with Web applications.

Traditional operating systems such as Windows require hefty storage space in your hard drive to store the software. You are required to install programs you want to run, update them and maintain all software. What a difference Chrome OS makes. You only need to download a browser, media player and file manager and the Chrome OS is free. The browser becomes the actual OS. So, it is a simple system. Some PC and tablets comes with Chrome OS already installed so, you don’t have to download it. It uses Web-based storage that stores your data on clouds and therefore, you don’t have to buy a device with lots of storage capacity. Laptops are mainly geared to access Web rather than running functions such as Photoshop that require lots of storage space. The open-source project allows many developments to the Chrome OS. It will definitely alter the computing landscape.