Google, IBM & Apple – Top 3 brands for 2010

According to a report by Milward Brown Optimor, which ascertains the top 100 brands annually, Google, IBM and Apple took the gold, silver and bronze in that order amongst non-tech players like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Marlboro. Incidentally, Microsoft was placed fourth right behind Apple.

Also known as the ‘BrandZ Top 100 Report’, its fifth release for the year 2010 has seen the rise and fall of many companies in its rankings, thanks to the extended impact of the recession that has required companies to tighten their belts, so to speak.

In examining market data and consumer opinion, the study showed that the aforementioned top four companies all grew by approximately by six percent since 2009, based on continued spending by both companies and individual customers.

Brand loyalty to a particular company is decided by factors of sustainability, social responsibility and trust, and all the top companies spent more to drive brand loyalty as opposed to several other who cut spending due to the aftereffects of the recession. Another big factor that determined a customer’s loyalty to a product was the ability to personalize products/ services for every customer. And this is true of the top brands such as Apple iPhone and with Google offering its users the ability to create personalized home pages.
While Google has remained at the top for the past four years, IBM climbed up two spots and Apple climbed up three (with a consecutive increase of 30% and 32% increase in brand value from 2009), ahead of Microsoft and Coca-Cola which fell down two spots from their previous year’s rankings.

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