Google Now to fill the void created by Apple Siri

When Apple introduced its iPhone 4S, they surprised its devoted followers with the introduction of Apple Siri. Siri lets voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls and few other activities. You talk to your phone the same way you talk to another person. It is so smart that it understands what you say and does what you ask it to do. Siri is your intelligent personal assistant and works with Apple iOS. Apple acquired Siri in April 2010 preventing its plans to expand into rival Google’s Android operating system. With Apple releasing iPhone 5, everyone expected continuation and improvements to Siri. To disappointment of many, Apple didn’t live up to user expectations.

Google saw the opportunity created by lack of improvements to Siri and introduced Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant operating on Android, iPhone, iPad, and any PC or Mac desktop via Chrome. On iPhones it is a nice addition to Siri and on Google Search it can make your life bit easier by answering your questions. With the new introduction, Google stock soared at Apple’s expense. Since the death of Steve Jobs, it appears that Apple’s new leadership is struggling to find its new direction.