How dominant Google’s search worldwide?

Google’s worldwide Web search share estimated to be more than 60 percent. Compare this to the next best rival who holds only about 10 percent of the market share. Google’s and others search share depends on the each market.

In the United States, Google’s search engine market share exceeds 67.7 percent and Bing, the next largest engine claims only 18.7 percent according to comScore. Microsoft and Yahoo! combined search share in the US is around 29 percent according to the same source. Google holds commanding leadership of desktop search followed by Bing and Yahoo! at 13 percent and 9 percent respectively. When it comes to mobile search, Google’s share of the search market is much more prominent than rival Bing and Yahoo! According to StatCounter, Google holds more than 83 percent while Yahoo! and Bing claims 10 and 6 percent respectively.

In China, tables turn dramatically in favor of local search engines due to various reasons. Published reports for 2013 show Baidu commanding with 63 percent search market share in China followed by Qihoo at 23 percent, Sogou at 12.5 percent and Google less than 2 percent. Picture is the same when it comes to mobile search in China dominated by Baidu and followed by Qihoo.