How to Improve Medical Implants

Patients can now find durable implants for a lower cost, thanks to advancements in medical device manufacturing.

Thanks to new advancements in the field of medical device production, patients can take advantage of more durable implants. That means less time spent swapping out old parts, fewer mishaps related to wear, and a higher quality of life for the patient. Using processes like plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, medical devices can receive new properties using less material.


The biggest change that patients will notice is durability. Parts now last longer than they used to because they are coated in materials that make them durable. When a patient puts the parts through everyday stress, the stronger parts mean less of a chance of shattering inside the patient’s body. Durable medical equipment can last longer and serve patients in the home better.


When we think about catheters, we can see multiple ways that medical device coatings have improved over the years. For starters, thin films of antibacterial materials can make catheters cleaner. Special coatings also make it easier for these objects to fit into the human body without causing the patient extreme discomfort.


The cost of making these devices has also gone down, even though materials like diamond-like carbon are being used in greater quantities. The reason is that while we do see the increase in these materials, we see a decrease in waste. That’s good for the environment, and for manufacturers looking to tighten margins.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the years. We’re able to work with patients symptoms on a microscopic level thanks to some of these amazing achievements.

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