How to Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life Before it Dies

Summary: In order to get the most out of your dying laptop battery, you’ll need to perform a series of steps that will provide you with some extra time.

You’ve been there before. You’re in a classroom, or in a meeting, or even on the road, and you find that your laptop is nearly dead. Perhaps you forgot to charge it prior to your appointment, or maybe there isn’t an available outlet. Whatever the reason might be, your battery power is dwindling by the second, and time isn’t on your side. Here are some things you can do to buy you some more time on your laptop without the need for an external power source.

Disable Your Unused Devices

One of the most common mistakes that laptop owners make is forgetting to take out components that aren’t being used. Yes, that means your smartphone. Every component within your laptop needs adequate power to function. Start by disconnecting your unneeded peripherals like external hard drives or even your mouse. Furthermore, things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also energy hoggers.

Utilize Eco Mode

Most laptops nowadays come installed with either a Battery Saver or Eco mods, which automatically adjusts your settings to maximize the life of your laptop battery. There are even ways that you can customize your profile to your liking. Now, once you’ve turned on your handy battery-saving tool, there are still plenty of steps to take to prolong the life of your battery like turning off unnecessary devices, shutting down unwanted apps and programs, and adjusting your activities to utilize the least amount of power possible.

One overlooked battery drainer is your keyboard backlighting. Unless you’re in complete darkness, there’s hardly a use for it when it comes to an emergency situation. You can also assign a hotkey to activate this function. Another factor that you should consider is your screen brightness and resolution. While it might not be ideal, lowering the brightness on your screen and reducing the display to half of its normal settings.

The Bottom Line

These are only a few of the options that you have to increase your overall power consumption. And, while there may be plenty of other things you can do, these are great for users that are looking to get that extra minute out of their laptop to save a document, finish a call, or do whatever it is that needs to be done.

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