In the face of data breaches, passwords becomes critical

Nude pictures of actress Jennifer Lawrence stolen from the Apple’s iCloud were circulating on the Internet very recently raising questions about data security and privacy. First, many thought that Apple’s security has been breached. But later it was revealed that it was a work of hackers who are constantly haunting celebrities. But the fact remains about the security of data that we store on the Internet more specifically on clouds.

It appears that all our efforts to secure data are failing in the hands of hackers. In the case of leaked nude pictures, there were no monetary gains to make. Then, what allowed hackers to get into private information? Many suggest that people use weak passwords and the same password for many Internet based accounts making it easier for hackers to break in. To get around these weaknesses many suggest using “two-factor authentications,” a method of supplementing a password with a very private and discrete piece of information unique to the user for access. Another form of two-factor authentications is randomly generated token produced by the computer for you to log in each time you access data or an account. In the face of increased hack activity, you the user also share responsibility.