Is bigger screen is the trend for iPhone?

It appears so. Apple is the latest player to enter into the arena. With sales of iPads are declining due to market saturation in the U.S. and Europe, news coming from Cupertino, California increasingly hinting that next generation of iPhones will have a bigger screen than any other iPhone before. Many expect the screens to be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. First introduced in 2007, traditionally the iPhone so far comes with a smaller screen than competition. Why a change now? Apple sees the trend established by Samsung Electronics with its bigger smartphone screen for its Galaxy series to continue and more and Apple customers are favoring bigger screens too. According to published research reports, in China more than 40 percent of smartphone sales are for bigger screens.

More than one half of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales and generates more than 70 percent of its annual profit. Since last year, Apple has not come up with a new blockbuster product but the second half of this year Apple lovers going to see many new products including a new iPhone with a bigger screen. If you follow the trend within last two years, Apple traditionally release its new phones in September.