My safe e-commerce site

Authored by Rickey Combs

There’s nothing less professional than being on a site and trying to input your credit card information, only to be haunted with the lingering fear that your information’s just not safe. That’s why when I set up the ecommerce portion of our stained glass window website, I made sure to invest in ssl certificates so the site would be more secure. I don’t know if most of my customers recognize the difference, but I know that their data is much safer now, and that gives me some peace of mind. Starting to sell my glass online has been a much bigger undertaking than I ever imagined. It’s not like Ebay – everything I sell has to be inventoried, double checked for correctness then packaged and shipped overnight. It’s no small order for a one-person business that operates out of a spare bedroom! I’m glad I decided to offer this feature, however, since now over half of my clients are located in other states. It’s good to be technologically advanced, especially when it means more sales!