Need a USB Parallel Adapter?

If you are interested in putting a new stereo into your car, then you might just be concerned about usb audio devices, because after all, how are you going to listen to music from your iPod through your car’s speakers if you don’t have a connection point?  That’s exactly right – you won’t be able to do any listening if you don’t have a usb parallel adapter, something that everyone who is planning to install a new stereo package into their car should be aware of and in possession of, before the stereo is installed.  How awful would it be to be sitting in your car with your new stereo and realize that you can’t actually listen to music because your stereo cannot connect to your iPod because you forgot to purchase the pci serial card beforehand.  So don’t be the one left sitting in your car in silence because you forgot to get a crucial component of your stereo to iPod hook up, and it’s too late now to order one with next day shipping.  Simply order one before you get everything installed so that you can join the millions of Americans that listen to music from their iPod in their car perfectly happily every day.  There isn’t anything that you can do to get one once you realize that you need it, but if you do your research ahead of time, you will be one of many that can enjoy their own music in the car.