New authentication technology, Windows Hello, from Microsoft

At its January 21, 2015 Windows 10 introductory event Microsoft introduced a new biometric authentication technology known as Windows Hello. The much hyped Windows 10 operating system will support it. It will allow a person to sign into a machine with his or her face or finger. It will be capable of scanning your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock the machine and allow access. This replaces the traditional PIN or password. The new face recognition technology will require Intel’s RealSense 3D camera to be installed in a device which will be a feature in any new PC coming out in the future.

Security breaches that are taking place almost every day require more advanced authentication methods such as Windows Hello. Microsoft will find already willing customer base for the technology from governments, financial sector, banks and many others. Microsoft does not intend to transmit images or fingerprints over the Internet and it will use a remote asymmetric encryption key to authenticate users. The system will come with heighten security to disallow hackers using pictures to defeat the security system. Windows Hello will be available later this year when Windows 10 is released and in addition to PCs it will be available for compatible phones and tablets.