Redirecting Expired Domains to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

If you are a small business owner looking to increase views and clicks on your website, the traditional models of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising might not be enough. You need to stand out from your competition but also do it in a way that makes sense financially and allows you to use your resources wisely. You need to increase targeted website traffic instead of casting a wide net with the hopes of attracting potential customers.

Fortunately, there are several options available that takes advantage of Internet tools that many other companies don’t consider. One of these models takes advantage of the transient nature of the Internet. Many online sites go out of business despite having attracted a large number of visitors. Their site owners might have let these domains expire, but in some cases they still generate a significant amount of traffic.

This represents an opportunity for small businesses to use these non-functioning domains to buy targeted website traffic. If people are still going to sites that no longer are operational, it stands to reason that they are interested in a certain type of good or service. Companies such as Trafix Tech can redirect these expired domains to your site, giving you instant access to customers who are interested in purchasing products.

This method of online marketing is so effective because it ensure that you will buy targeted website traffic when you engage in these tactics. The redirects only come from websites that are closely related to a company’s business. This ensures that the visitors who are redirected to a site are just “empty” visitors with no interest in viewing a site; these are potential customers who are already interested in the type of items that a company sells or offers to the public.

Many methods that online marketing companies use to buy hits are considered to be unethical by Google. In fact, some “black hat” tactics will actually cause a site get punished by Google by lower rankings or even potentially being completely removed from search engine results. This isn’t the case with redirecting expired domain names; it’s a tactic that won’t result in penalties from Google and – when combined with other tactics such as pop-under advertising – can greatly increase the number of targeted visitors coming to your site. High traffic websites cease to exist every day, which means that redirecting expired domain names is a tactic that is only going to grow in popularity as time moves forward.


Trafix Tech is a pioneering company that helps businesses increase targeted website traffic through legal and ethical online marketing practices.