Revolution Created By Byte Runner Technologies

Byte Runner Technologies have created a revolution in the field of connectivity solutions and have a huge portfolio of products to suit every device needed in the field of communications and connectivity. Not only do they offer quality products at affordable prices, they are also extremely customer friendly and have the facility of same day shipping. With a very professional office backup available, all orders placed on Byte Runner Technologies are effectively executed and all complaints efficiently dealt with within a very short time.

The wide range of products available here include such things as the pcmcia usb which is used to add extra usb ports to laptops and computers, usb video cable, which enables the connection of another monitor or projector to your computer and the usb parallel cable which enables printing from one computer to any parallel printer having a IEEE 1284B connector.

The pcmcia usb can be added or removed even while the system is running without damaging the same and is hence hot-swappable. Fitting into any 32bit pcmcia card slot, this card is compatible with windows 98, 2000 as well as Vista.

The usb video cable is extremely helpful for making presentations and multi tasking by making a lot of extra applications accessible to the user. This device also can easily be unplugged without having to go through the hassles of rebooting the computer.

Utilizing both hardware and software to enable the conversion of protocol between the usb enabled PC at one end and the parallel printer on the other, this usb parallel cable is manufactured in such a way so as to meet all the specifications required for such a conversion.