SAP to pay oracle’s attorney fees?

SAP is willing to pay Oracle’s attorney fees stemming from the copyright lawsuit that they are associated with. You have to understand that these two corporate giants have been going at each other for years. Under the agreement Oracle can still seek punitive damages despite still getting their legal fees paid. Some people may even look at SAP as if they got a raw deal in this agreement given that they have had to go against a capable Chief Executive Officer like Larry Ellison. The lawsuit is based off of the Tomorrow Now subsidiary. Tomorrow Now allegedly stole some information regarding Oracle’s Customer Connection website. People in the United States have certainly been able to see similarities between the programs the separate companies have put together.

It almost took four years for a decision to be made. This happens prove that the attorneys for both companies happen to be quite capable. Oracle claims to have lost customers because of the Tomorrow Now situation and this amount could cost them in the billions of dollars. SAP seems to think that the situation only cost them somewhere around forty millions dollars. SAP seems to make the argument that they did something wrong, but that they need to only pay a smaller amount than most people think they should. It is hard to say whether Oracle will use this judgment against SAP as the two competitors happen to be competing for customers in the future. Many technological wizards seem to be quite amused by the fact that SAP left clues to their potential crime.