Sony continues to suffer security breaches following the massive attack on the Play Station data centre in San Diego in April. The latest breach is the Sony Pictures website. Sony confirmed that groups identifying themselves as LulzSec have breached websites associated with Sony Pictures.

LulzSec have announced on Twitter that they have hacked in to and have compromised the security of over 1 million users. The website is said the contain information such as names, addresses, passwords, birth dates, e mail addresses and other Sony opt in data. The latest hack was revealed the same day that Sony brought the Sony PlayStation back online after it was taken offline following the April hacking.

LulzSec also claim that they have hacked the website of Infragard, an FBI affiliated website and leaked its data and pointed out that users have violated FBI instructions by reusing the same passwords elsewhere as well.

Many questions are being asked about the way Sony is handling its web security. This is an eye opener to all big companies to have their web servers periodically updated, monitored and hardened and at the same time encrypting and protecting data of users.