Sophisticated software to control advanced hardware

Automobiles are increasingly becoming a hot commodity for hardware and software developers. The wireless connection available on Tesla Motor’s Model S allow the driver and passengers to connect to the Internet on the go, stream Internet radio, unlock the door with a smartphone, and diagnose problems and allow software engineers to remotely fix any glitches in the system including the touch screen. Started in 2003, Tesla uses a larger screen in all its cars and that allow drivers to use their finger to start and operate most functions in the car. Model S is just one example how software and hardware make life easier for today’s car owners.

Software running advanced machines like cars is in the leading edge of new technology. Tesla, Google and many others are testing driverless cars on freeways at this time. This has been made possible due to advances in both software and hardware. Both fields are advancing at tandem at a similar phase and more and more large and small private companies are investing in the technology. The United States is leading the pack and can benefit in a big way in the future. It is going to drive the world economy for years to come.