Steps to Fix Internet Explorer If It Isn’t Working

Whether you are chatting or on a MMORPG game, and you find internet explorer isn’t working and have done everything from launching your browser again to restarting your computer again to no avail, there are other steps that you use to fix internet explorer (that you might not thought of!):

#1: Reset to Default Internet Explorer Settings

This method only works if you have XP, 07 or Vista on your system. Go to Tools and then to Internet Options, and then to the Advanced tab in the same window. Finally, click Reset which will reset the browser to the default settings.

#2: Empty Cache

In some cases, deleting offline and temporary files can do the trick. For this, you have to go to Tools and Internet Options. After you do this, then look for the General tab and then click on “Delete Files”. After this, you should “Delete all Offline Content” which will appear in a dialog box.

#3: Check Add-Ons

Sometimes the reason for the browser to stop working or crash is due to the fact that one of the add ons that you have added is incompatible with the browser. What you have to do for this, is go to Start, Programs, Accessories and System Tools under which you will find browser setup files.

#4: Reinstall Internet Explorer

If none of the tricks that have been listed before work for your computer, you might try reinstalling Internet Explorer.