The downside of using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most fast growing social network sites in the world and it is almost impossible to find a person who is not registered with Facebook. Though people use this on a daily basis and it has its many advantages, no one stops to think bout the negative effects of Facebook.

Privacy considerations

When you open a Facebook account, there is always the possibility that some of your personal information will be exposed despite the privacy settings offered. This is a serious concern considering the cases of identity theft reported. You will also not have control over the use of photographs and comments you have posted. Take precautions when posting pictures and comments.


Without realizing it many people have become addicted to the Facebook culture that they spend hours on it. If you do not set limits you will be wasting valuable productive time. Excessive time spent on Facebook has created many problems at work and home.

Used to lure victims

There are many instances where unsuspecting youngsters have been lured by predators on these sites and been abused. Facebook, when used by children should be very carefully monitored and have the risks explained to them.