The Importance of Simple and Complex Serial USB Adapters

A common observation by many technology experts is that despite the rapid advancements in the field of computers and its related devices, the number of serial ports are very much less than the number of USB ports that are available for use.

And so, in order to turn this obvious disadvantage to an advantage, a slew of devices that use these USB ports have been offered to customers in the market.

Take for example, a range of serial USB adapters or converters that are available to connect devices such as digital cameras, modems, serial printers, and so on. With one of these devices hooked to a single port, you can easily get access to anywhere between two and sixteen serial ports on your computer.

While these US adapters are for simpler devices, there are devices that have been built for particular tasks such, as the Ethernet serial device server, especially if you need to access RS232, RS422, or RS485 serial devices over the internet, a local network, or over an intranet. And what’s more, these device servers that are offered provide users with a single to an eight-port control of Ethernet serial or Internet devices.

Finally, another device, known as the PCI serial card, can offer users between one and four serial ports that are most suitable to people who use multiple interface types. And since these devices are mostly of the plug-and-play type, you should be able to access those serial ports almost immediately.

All in all, it is a time when the disadvantage of having only one or two serial ports doesn’t matter anymore.