The Latest in Android.

“Ice Cream Sandwich” – No,thats not an innovative unique menu item listed at the local fast food joint. Thats the name of the new Android 4.0 that would be one of the most talked about Operating system in the months to come. This power packed creation from Google comes bundled with an intuitive feel for a better manoeuvering experience.The interface is focused on content with special importance given to enhance text reading.Swipe navigation has been made seemless across the lenght and breadth of the Operating system making your visits to the Market app even more fun.Common actions are more convenient now and no longer require pressing of the menu button of your handset time and again as you would find the virtual buttons in the OS interphase.Home screens also have a provision of a virtual transparent search bar that responds to voice.

Applications can now be clubbed together inside a folder by just dragging and dropping one application on top of the other to form a folder.Android 4.0 also hosts an improved gallery of widgets compared to its previous versions.
One of the other great feature that can be found in this version is the screenshot support like in iPhones.Screenshot can be captured of your device by just pressing the up and down buttons for volume.Of the many features that we have already mentioned, my favourite is the ‘Face unlock’. Yes, you heard it right! android 4.0 has the capability of detecting your face to unlock the phone, so no hassle of remembering the unique password.Ice Cream Sandwich comes with a new feature that enables you to send and receive visual voicemails. So now you can actually check out the video of the person who left you the voicemail.With all such fully loaded features and many more, Ice Cream sandwich is sure going to be a hit this summer.