The new iPad killer?

The iPad is now the supreme ruler of all handhed PC’s. Its popularity and demand are such that CPU suppliers are finding it difficult to keep the supplies rolling in. But the product still remains out of reach for a lot of people, mainly due to the cost factor. Even then, competitors are finding it difficult to break in to the market or even give a cheaper alternative.

However, a new iPad killer may have just been born. Shift several thousands of miles to the other side of the globe and focus on India. The sensational news revealed by India’s Ministers for Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal, is that the tablet PC they have developed is expected to sell at $35 (1,500 Indian Rupees). You may think that this is ridiculous or that the device is a clunky old computer, but you would be far from the truth.

The iPad lookalike is touch screen based and has Wi-Fi, a web browser, PDF reader, video conferencing facilities and a multimedia player. It does not contain a hard disk and relies on memory cards instead. The tablet device also features 2GB of RAM. The idea is to use this device to improve education in India by providing cheap access to technology.

The device is still at a prototype stage and manufacturers are being sourced at the moment to get this product out soon. The idea is to find manufacturing methods that will bring the price down even further to the $20 or even $10 mark. Considering that India came good on its promise to build a car for 100,000 Indian Rupees this tablet PC seems set to help students all over the world.

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