The Truth about Windows 7 and Windows Vista

When Windows Vista was released, Microsoft claimed that it would take the place of Windows XP. But because of some performance and compatibility issues, Vista was not good enough to replace XP, and because of some user reviews, the operating system has been criticized until it just went away. After some time, a lot people say that Windows 7 would come out and beat the former operating system in terms of performance and compatibility.

The truth to this is that a lot of information that can be found over the web is not as reliable as it may seem. Some of them are based on facts, but because of the exaggeration of some, it becomes ridiculously fictional.

A lot of people are under the impression that Vista was beaten to a pulp by Windows 7, but after some experts tested both these operating systems, it has proven that Vista was not very far behind and in some cases; it was faster than the new OS.

When it comes to performance tests, Windows 7 won by a small margin compared to Vista. There are certain programs that can be run faster by using Windows 7 and when it comes to battery life, 7 holds on a little longer, roughly about 15 minutes of additional computing time.

But in some applications like the CS Adobe Photoshop, Windows 7 runs the program approximately 7 seconds longer than Vista and in some notebooks, when it comes to startup, Windows 7 takes 4 seconds longer.