Top Facebook Games/Applications in 2010

Almost anyone who has a Facebook account knows that there are several games that have been created by several companies that it has for its users to play for free. The year 2010 saw several new games being released on Facebook, and so here is a list of the most popular games that were played.

Game #1: Farmville

With almost 70 plus million people already playing this game made by Zynga, the objective of the game is to do all the things that a farmer does while also interacting with your neighbors (friends). The better you take care of the farm, the more points you’ll get and more levels you’ll reach.

Game #2: Birthday Cards

As obvious as the name, this application allows users to send customized birthday cards while also maintaining a birthday calendar in order to remember their friends’ birthdays.

Game #3: Café du Monde

This game has also been made by Zynga, and pretty much requires its players to complete all the activities that a restaurant owner would do in the real world.

Game #4: Happy Aquarium

With about 27 million active users on Facebook, the objective of this game is to create your own aquarium. It is very similar how you would take care of an aquarium in real life, and if you do not feed your fish, they will do as they do in real life. This game is very similar to Fishville which has been made by Zynga.