Twitter announces new features at Web 2.0 summit

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter announced new features for Twitter at the Web 2.0 summit where the biggest names in the technology industry meet to share their vision on the future of the internet.

He said there three times as many users were signing up for Twitter since the launch of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 5 which allows users to link their Twitter account to everything that they do through iDevices, meaning that the user can tweet directly from Google maps, web pages or even from a camera.

He also confirmed that following the introduction of Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends they plan to launch photo and video based advertising into users timelines which will strengthen Twitter’s commercial capability.

Costolo mentioned the possibility of getting to the point where users can access old tweets as well as old direct messages without having to scroll through the long list of data to retrieve it. No time frame was given for this development.

He also stated that a t present there are 250 million tweets per day which a 67% rise since January is this year with over 50% of users being active.

Twitter is now valued at $8 billion