Upgrade Your Laptop, Netbook, Or Ultrabook With A USB Video Add-On

Today’s modern world has given us some incredibly advances in mobile computing technology, but the truth of the matter is that we still have a very specific and pressing need for USB video add-ons. While savvy and smart businessmen and investors (as well as professionals and creative in all different fields) are moving to smaller, lighter weight mobile computing systems, we’re sacrificing a bit of the power that we used to have. These smaller machines just aren’t capable of the same kind of output visually that their bigger, thicker, heavier counterparts have – and that puts people at a bit of a disadvantage.

At least, it used to.

Now with the use of a USB video adapter (provided from Byte Runner Technologies) people are able to leverage these new super lightweight machines to provide the same kind of visual power as their more unwieldy brethren. These incredibly little devices use an available USB port on your computer and convert it to either a VGA or DVI display hook up – allowing for the use of multiple monitors. You can use this just for an everyday boost in productivity, use it to present material in a more effective manner, or just drive an external monitor in a pinch should your machine’s screen go down or becomes damaged for any reason. These 2.0 video USB connectors are high speed and energy efficient, and are the perfect answer to an otherwise high end up slightly handicapped mobile computing solution.