What Is A USB Share Switch And How Does It Relate To Other USB Technologies

To put it short and simple, a USB share switch is very much like an adapter in a lot of ways. It’ll hold different USB ports via different outlets but what it’ll do is, act as a gateway and allow you to switch between which ones are active and which ones are not. The newer modern technology sure has allowed us to do some pretty cool and amazing things as of lately including choosing which ports are active and which ones are not.

Dock Stations And Share Switches

A share switch can be compared to a dock station in a lot of ways because it kind of acts like a gateway barrier. What a dock station will do is simply hold a device for a couple of different reasons.

1) It might need to be powered via docking or

2) it might need to be charged or can only be used when it’s plugged into a dock. There are several different technologies that relate and act the same way.

So while a docking station kind of acts the exact same as a share switch, where can you get them? Another less commonly known piece of hardware is the PCMCIA USB which can be found at a place that I use called Byte Runner Technologies. They seem to have some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field whenever I have a question about a piece of hardware.