Why Facebook can be bad for you

More and more people worldwide are connecting to Facebook. It is a fantastic way to stay in touch with friends and family and share photos and gives the opportunity to rediscover old friends. But what are the down sides of Facebook?


Facebook unlike earlier social networking sites like MySpace requires you to use your true identity and personal information instead of remaining anonymous. You will post photos on your site, they can be accessed by others and sometimes they get edited and used on porn sites. Pictures you would not want to be posted could be posted by others which can harm your image.

With addresses and phone numbers displayed many are the burglaries that have occurred due to a person writing on his status that he is out of town.

Predators on the site have even lured unsuspecting young adults abusing them and in some instances murdering them.


With all the features available many people are not aware of the time spent on it. This has resulted in people having trouble keeping a job and having relationship problems. There was a case where a young mother’s addiction left a toddler severely neglected and starved and subsequently removed from her care.