Windows 10 Heightens use of Biometrics for Increased Security

Article written by Macxcess

Biometrics is mainly dealing with human characteristics. Biometric authentication was introduced into computers as a way to securely access a computer and its services. This is known as biometric authentication. When it comes to computers finger print identification is the main biometric measure that is used today.

Biometrics is not new to computers but today’s newer hardware and software makes it easier to use, more flexible and faster to recognize. Not just on computers, you can find biometrics on smartphones and many other electronic devices. Technology is also improving from a simple swipe to a press down allowing the reader to look into 3D structure and liveness of the finger. Intel motherboards come with biometric sensors and soon others will follow.

Soon to be released Windows 10 takes the new technology few steps further. Using Intel RealSense camera, it will be capable of recognizing different types of biometrics including finger print, palm vein prints, iris recognition and 3D facial recognition. The technology is also capable of sensing temperature adding more authentication value to the process of identification of a person. These steps takes the current password identification way beyond one can imagine and provide much needed security.